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  05.05.2017 11:56:11 +0000
Many thanks - it recovered all the files from a disk that several other tools hadn't been able to read. I would suggest a simpler interface for users who don't have much technical knowledge. There is a lot of techie detail that means nothing to me and almost put me off using it!

  21.03.2017 13:41:47 +0000
Great software, I'm lucky enough to not have to use it too often. Of the times I've had to, it's been a pleasure to use and very successful in recovery files and folders and lost partitions on a failing hard drive.

  15.03.2017 15:02:19 +0000
Extraordinary software i was able to recover every single file completely, which means files were arranged as same as they were before , I would prefer to rate it more than 5 stars, awesome thank you very much for the creates hats off man, no words to praise u all man.

  06.03.2017 03:44:07 +0000
Excellent tool. Tried the free version and ended up buying the standard edition to fit my needs. This just saved me a lot of time and stress!

  23.02.2017 18:56:43 +0000
superb tool. It is free and does the job of most of paid data recovery tools out there !! kudos to the developers of this product. You guys&gals - rock !!

  23.12.2016 14:54:20 +0000

  22.11.2016 22:12:45 +0000
Il migliore software in assoluto per il recupero
datti, un milione di grazie...
Ho recuperato tutto dopo un errore disco e la perdita del file sistem e una formatazione veloce, ho provato mille modi e software, e l'unico che ha trovato tutto in pocco tempo e recuperato tutto quasi nonostante blocchi difettosi...unico e fantastico

  03.11.2016 03:26:15 +0000
This is such an excellent tool. It helped me to recover data from drives that are many years old. Brilliant tool that allows you to recover exactly the data you want. Well done !!

  27.10.2016 05:59:54 +0000
I had no idea this existed I was going mad when my hdd died this software is the best 100% saved my life and a hell of a lot of important files I was so happy and I had to buy it just to say thank you

  02.10.2016 05:03:09 +0000
Dave Earlston    
DMDE Free Edition is actually the best data recovery software I found. I ended up in a situation where I needed to recover several 2+ TB hard drives and with every other software I tried it was a mess of a process with literally days long deep scans and then around $100 for the software.

I was happy to pay the reasonable registration fee for DMDE as it instantly found all the files and even recreated the directory structure -- no incessant wait for deep scans and other nonsense. DMDE just worked.

What a powerful and intuitive application at a very reasonable cost. Thank you for developing it and for the reasonable licensing fees.