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Device Selection

Select disk for further work.

If device size is detected incorrectly, refer to System Requirements issues.


Physical Devices / Interfaces / Logical disks and DOS Services

Preferable access type depends on the problem (e.g. for data recovery see volume opening).

DOS Options

ATA InterfaceUse direct device access (for IDE and SATA devices in IDE mode).
The preferable way to access devices with bad sectors
BIOS ServicesUse BIOS functions to access devices
DOS ServicesUse DOS functions to access logical disks
DOS ASPIAccess to SCSI, USB, and other devices via ASPI drivers (if any)


Disk Images: click or Enter the topmost list item to add new image for further work.

RAID option forwards to RAID constructor.

Show partitions option causes express searching and displaying partitions just after opening device.

Parameters button allows manually setting device I/O parameters.

Devices in Linux

If some specific devices are not listed you may use the option Disk Images and manually enter required device path, e.g. /dev/mmcblk0 or /dev/mapper/truecrypt1.