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Virtual File System Reconstruction

Open virtual directory [All Found + Reconstruction] in the File Panel to virtually reconstruct directory structure and prepare found and removed files and directories for recovery.

The results of Full Scan may be used.

You may improve the results using Parameters button and trying different options.


Pure FS Reconstruction

The option provides the most accurate reconstruction when FS is not damaged.

Default Reconstruction, Less/More Results

Use the results of Full Scan. You may decrease/increase the number of the reconstruction results. Use the button MFT/Parameters to choose MFT fragments manually.

MFT Numbers

Filter files by numbers for a partial reconstruction (may be useful if there is not enough RAM for the entire reconstruction).


Include shifted MFT records into the reconstruction (Full Scan must be performed before).

Extra Found

Include extra found files into the reconstruction (may contain garbage but may help if some file is not recoverable other ways).

Tech. Records

Include special MFT records into the reconstruction for analysis by NTFS specialists.

FS Fragment Selection


Verified MFT fragments belonging to the selected volume.


If there are some variants of the same volume (cf. Full Scan) then these are MFT fragments belonging to other variants of the selected volume.


MFT fragments that can not be verified.


MFT fragments most probably belonging to other volumes.

Small (Extra Found)

Extra found files (see above).


Fragments incompatible to the current volume FS parameters.


Use (ex)FAT Search results only

Use the results of the Full Scan only, do not scan the entire volume again.

Rescan the entire volume

Additionally rescan the volume if it is not scanned completely during Full Scan.

FAT Tables Options (button "Parameters")

FAT tables contain cluster chains to assemble fragmented files and directories. The software automatically selects table usage on the base of assessment. However you may try different options to achieve better results of the reconstruction and data recovery on the whole or for specific files.

You may choose which table copy to use (FAT1 or FAT2) or deprecate table usage (do not use FAT tables) if tables are badly damaged or use the option check (do not use bad sectors) to avoid wrong chains if there is some damage in tables.