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Revision of the Manual 2022-03-20

About DMDE 4.0 Help

The most recent documentation can be found on the software sites.

In the manual the following designations are used: elements of the software interface are written in bold italic, keyboard keys and shortcuts are in square brackets [F1], text for typing and file names are in green.

Due to the lack of images reading the manual is recommended while running the software. Context sensitive help is also available (except in DOS) by pressing keys [F1], [Shift+F1], or [Shift+F11], and by Help buttons. Hints (GUI interface only) can be turned off and on through the menu Help.

Understanding of some software settings may require special knowledge of file systems and disk structures and their discussion is beyond the scope of this guide. If the role of such parameters is not clear it is recommended to leave defaults (auto).

In order to open CHM files in Windows you should copy them to a local disk and unblock (right-click menu - Properties - Unblock).

Context sensitive help can be provided as CHM files (Windows only) or as a set of HTML files. HTML files are provided with Linux distributions in the directory man_en and other man directories in the subdirectory locals. To use HTML help files in Windows remove CHM files and place the directory man_en to the software working directory and other man directories to locals.

The default OS application is used for opening HTML files. In Linux / macOS the commands xdg-open / open are used. You may use another command by setting the parameter shellopen=.