TOC · Installation and Run


Dialog Box "Select Language"

Apply Codepages. If the option is checked then ANSI and OEM code pages from the selected localization file are used.

Translit. Transliterate interface if there are problems displaying national symbols.

RTL dismiss (Linux only). Disable string reversal for RTL written languages if terminal emulator already supports it to avoid double reversal (e.g. Konsole).

Code Pages - Interface and Data Recovery

Unicode interface and Unicode file names are used if it is supported by OS. Otherwise ANSI code page is used in OS Windows 98/ME and OEM code page is used in DOS, whilest symbols outside the selected codepages are transliterated or substituted.

OEM code page is used also for national short name reading (8.3 format) on FAT volumes.

By default OS code pages are used (if applicable). Code pages from Ini-file (if defined) override them. Code pages from the selected lng-file (*.lng) override everything if Apply Codepages option is checked in the dialog box "Select Language". Lng-file string 107= is for ANSI, lng-file string 108= is for OEM codepage.

INI-file settings

usecodepage= ANSI code page
oemcodepage= OEM code page
translitenable= (Translit)
viewtranslit= (Translit)