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Volume Locking

Volume locking is used under Windows NT+ for direct write access to prevent simultaneous OS access to a volume at the same time.

DMDE tries locking volumes automatically when it is required. However, locking may fail if the volume is being used by system or other applications. In this case, DMDE requests to retry or dismount not locked volumes. Close all applications which may use the volume and retry.

RetryRetry volume locking
ForceDismount the volume. Warning! All used volume handles will be lost, e.g. unsaved data in opened files will be lost
IgnoreTry direct writing without locking the volume. Warning! File system may be damaged or direct write access may be denied by operating system
CancelCancel the operation

Warning! You should not lock or dismount the volume from where DMDE software runs from. You may not lock or dismount system volume.

DMDE unlocks volumes when closing the device currently used.

Additionally you may manually manage volume locking using menu Disk · Lock Volumes for Write.