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Disk / Task Selection

Select disk / image / log-file for further work, or choose another task.

If a device is not accessible or has incorrect size see System Requirements.

For the choice between options physical disks and logical volumes see Volume Opening.

The button Parameters allows to setup the interface and other Device I/O Parameters when working with problem devices.

In Linux you may use the option Disk Images / Logs to manually specify some device / virtual volume paths if they are not listed, e.g. /dev/mapper/truecrypt1 or /dev/mmcblk0.

The option Disk Images / Logs allows opening disk image files and loading logs. Click or Enter the topmost list item to add a new image for further work. Besides standard sector-wise images, VHD / VHDX and VMDK formats are supported (without compression / encryption / write support); Professional Edition also supports E01 / Smart images (with compression).

If you need to open an image file with a non-standard/absent extention you need to change a filter option in the open file box. On macOS you may also need to click Details/Parameters.

The option Show partitions enables partitions express search and displaying just after opening a device.

Other Tasks

You may additionally load a saved RAID configuration / RAID calculation log or Full Scan log by using the option Disk Images / Logs.

The options Construct RAID and Copy Sectors redirect to corresponding tasks.