DMDE - DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software

DMDE Editions

  Free Express Standard Professional
Price Free €16  $20 €38  $48 €75  $95
License agreement EULA EULA EULA
Base features show ++ ++
Disk editor, partition management, thorough volume search, disk imaging and cloning, file recovery from the current panel (up to 4000 files at a time), and other features.
Unlimited file & directory recovery - ++ +
License validity and support show -1-YearUnlimited
Includes updates/restoration, support by email (English), (re)activation on a new/modified environment. When a license is expired you are allowed to continue using on the same environment but without any warranty and support, reactivation and support are not provided, functionality is not guaranteed.
Simultaneous run  single (1) copy per license
New/modified environment per year show  233 +portable
You may run on different stationary hardware configurations not exceeding the allowed number per year per license. The motherboard or CPU change, the change of motherboard serial stored in ROM (may be caused by flashing BIOS), the use of virtualization imply the change of hardware. OS reinstallation and software updates are not counted (if you stop using previous versions). Portable run allows also using on an unlimited number of computers by assigning to a USB pen-drive.
Company use for own needs allowed  - ++
Multiple copies at discounts 20-80% show  - ++
You may buy multiple license copies to increase limits accordingly.
Discounts are applied upon order quantity selection.
2-4 copies20%
5-9 copies50%
10-19 copies70%
20 and more80%
Data recovery for clients allowed  --+
Professional Features & Options show ---+
  • Portable use on many computers (associate with to 2 USB drives per year per license, Win & Linux only)
  • One-time use on remote client machines (up to 5 per month per license, without Professional Features)
  • Native 64-bit versions (access more than 3GB RAM, Windows & Linux only)
  • Data recovery reports (including logs and file checksums)
  • Disk copying resumption and copying in several passes
  • I/O handler script customization (including I/O error logs)
  • Recovery of NTFS alternate data streams
  • DMA mode support on DOS

Please try Free Edition before purchasing, make sure files are present and recoverable.

If you buy DMDE Professional using credit/debit card there is additional individual verification after payment to prevent fraud.

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