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Manage Changes

Warning! Direct modifying disk contents may have further consequences including data loss or inability to load and run the system.

When an OS discovers new FS errors (as well gains access to FS with old errors) it can run a disk checking utility to remove errors and this may also cause the removal of user data. The OS can run the checking utility online or at boot time.

Partitioning modification may also cause impossibility to boot from the disk or inaccessibility of some partitions. Never modify partitioning on your current boot or system disk. Run another system from different bootable disk or connect your disk as slave to another computer. Do not run the software from the disk which will be modified.

Direct disk changes take effect to the system after restarting the computer, updating disk configuration, or reconnecting the pluggable device. OS Windows may disallow direct writing to some disk areas being in use - see Volume locking for details. Some antiviruses may also block direct writing to a disk. Under Windows you may also try the interface option IO SCSI to circumvent the restrictions.

Changes made with commands Copy Sectors and Fill Sectors are written to the disk immediately.

Changes made in Disk Editor and Partition Manager remains virtual until you explicitly apply them to the disk. You can use the following Disk menu commands to manage virtual changes.

Global read-only mode

Globally disable all write operations (for all devices and device images).
See also a device specific option Allow Write.

Load Rollback Data/Dump from File...

You can load rollback data (if it was saved when applying previous changes) and thus revert the previous changes. Also you can use the command to load virtual changes dumped to a file.

Dump Changes to File...

You can dump virtual changes to a file instead of applying them directly to the disk. Later you can reopen the disk and load all unapplied changes from the file.

Undo Changes

Undo the group of recent changes. To undo individual actions use the corresponding commands in Disk Editor (menu Edit) or Partition Manager.

Redo Changes

Redo the group of virtual changes.

Reset All Changes

Discard all unapplied changes.

Apply Changes [Ctrl+W]

Write all changes directly to the disk.