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Fill Sectors

Write a hex or a file pattern to a range of device sectors. Pattern is being written multiple times, covering all specified sectors.

Read the warning on this link before modifying disk contents. Write is performed directly to the disk, all data will be overwritten, the operation cannot be undone.

The maximum size of the hex pattern is 8 bytes. For a larger pattern use a file.

Sector alignment. If a successive pattern copy does not fit in the current sector write it partially and write the next copy from the beggining of the next sector. Otherwise write the pattern copies successively ignoring sector boundaries.

Report (Professional Edition only). Write a report to a text file. To create a formatted report put a pattern file fillreport.html to the software directory and add the parameter fillsecreport=fillreport.html to the ini-file. You may download the default fillreport.html file by right-clicking the link.