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Device I/O Dialog Box

Device I/O Parameters   Device I/O Handler Script

If an error occurs during device I/O then the dialog box appears where you can choose how to handle the error. Attention! Make sure to read the information on working with damaged devices.

The following information is displayed: [W] indicates that error occurred when writing to device, LUN - disk number in the virtual RAID, sector numbers where error has occurred, attempt number, error number, and error description (given by OS in Windows). After a number of retries (defined by parameters) program waits for a user reaction (unless skipping errors mode in parameters is selected) and the button Retry becomes active. Dialog box appears before the block of data is processed.

Abort: abort current operation.

Pressing Abort causes error sectors not to be copied to the destination (this behaviour may change in the future versions). Button is inactive if the operation is not abortable.

Retry: retry I/O.

In some cases it is possible to successfully read a sector and continue without data distortion after a number of retries. Button is inactive while I/O is in the progress.

Ignore: continue operation ignoring the error.

The current operation will be continued but most probably with data distortion. When reading file system structures this may cause loss of some files and directory structure damage.

Ignore all: continue operation ignoring all analogous errors.

After a number of retries (defined by parameters) program does not wait for user choise but ignore the error and continue the current operation.

Update: update the list of devices, and update the device handle. Use the additional parameter reopen device handle on error for automatic updating on each error.

ATA Reset: perform ATA soft reset. Available only if device is opened via ATA interface under DOS.

Parameters: Device I/O settings

Confirm, Cancel: used for %CONFIRM% variable in the Device I/O Handler Script