n- New features
i- Improvements
b- Bug fixes

Only major changes are listed

DMDE (2023-04-06)

bBroken log support when copying sectors in Linux/macOS
bBroken RAID calculation in 64-bit versions for Windows
bBtrfs reconstruction possible critical bug
bBtrfs scan may hang
bApp may stop responding after minimizing (Windows GUI)
...Other fixes

DMDE (2022-03-06)

nBtrfs support (without RAID support)
nNew ReFS modifications support (up to v3.7)
nTurkish translation
iInterface improvements
bFixed APFS reconstruction critical bug
bFixed support for APFS "duplicate" files
...Other improvements and fixes

DMDE (2020-11-05)

nAPFS support (without encryption)
nImage preview (for standard graphics)
nPortuguese Brazilian, Simplified Chinese translations
bFixed HFS support critical bugs
bFixed extfs Full Scan critical bug processing damaged inodes
...Other improvements and fixes

DMDE (2019-10-12)

n64-bit version for macOS

DMDE (2019-09-02)

nReFS v1/v3 support
nFiltering Raw results by using cluster map
nApplying Raw results to FS data
nSupport for VMDK disk image files
nSupport fot EWF disk image files (e01/etc., Professional Edition only)
iExtended cluster map features (diff. FS types / damaged FS / reports)
iImproved RAID parameters detection accuracy
bFixed HFS support critical bugs
bFixes for some rare Extfs parameters
bFixes for exFAT found directory fragments processing
bFixed copying sectors bug when loading log with retried bad ranges
...Other improvements and fixes

DMDE (2018-08-03)

nVersion for macOS (GUI)
nGUI version for Linux
bFixed end-of-file detection for some JPEG files (Raw search)
bFixed support for custom end-of-file signatures (Raw search)
...Other fixes

DMDE (2017-11-21)

nApple partitioning support (read-only)
nHFS+/HFSX support including complex HFS search
nPopup tips
iImproved and added detection of some file types (Raw search)
iImproved custom file signature support (detection, complex signatures)
bFixed RAID-6 detection critical bug
...Other improvements and fixes

DMDE (2016-11-19)

nTabbed interface to work with multiple devices and objects
nCustom file signatures support for Raw scan
nDetection of RAID parameters
nSupport for dynamic VHD and VHDX disk image files
nSMART report reading
nNTFS encrypted file recovery (without decryption)
nNTFS option: reading MFT from an external file
nDisk imaging option: splitted image creation
iExfat boot sector recognition during fullscan
iImproved NTFS reconstruction by processing INDX records
iBetter name recognition for some removed NTFS files
...Other improvements and fixes

DMDE (2016-06-22)

nRecovery of some truncated NTFS files
nFrench, Italian, Spanish, Persian (+RTL UI) translations
iImproved file signatures and size detection and displaying
iImproved branches separation of directory tree (NTFS & extfs)
bNTFS scan critical bug fixed
bStoring/loading found signatures fixed
bRAID-5 forward dynamic parity striping fixed
...Other improvements and fixes

DMDE (2015-10-15)

nFull Scan (multiple FS and RAW search, improved interface)
nRAW file search by signatures
nNTFS extended search (FS structures and file signatures based)
nExFAT extended search (FS structures and file signatures based)
nExtfs extended search (FS structures based)
nExtfs removed entries processing
nFAT32 removed file recovery using signatures
nActivation without restarting the software
...Other improvements and fixes

DMDE (2014-12-11)

iNTFS reconstruction default filters
bExFAT reconstruction when there are removed directories
bEx(FAT) table processing memory exception
bSearch string in 64-bit version
bExtfs superblock detection in 64-bit version
bExtfs 64-bit support
bOther fixes

DMDE (2014-07-12)

nBasic exFAT support
nDOS ASPI support
iFAT reconstruction: some improvements and fixes
b64-bit versions issues
bSome fixes

DMDE (2014-04-18)

bExtfs: missing files while recovering
bExtfs: reporting error for sparse files
bDOS version bugs (device selection when copy sectors)
bDOS ATA: hidden ATA softreset option
bOther fixes

DMDE (2014-02-13)

nBasic Ext2/3/4 support
nDisk Editor: custom template support
bCritical error when open some USB devices
...Minor improvements and fixes

DMDE (2013-11-18)

nGUID partitioning (GPT) support (edit mode)
nDisk images/clones: load/save parameters, write log; resume using log (Prof. Edition)
nDisk images/clones: simultaneous read and write in two threads (Linux and Windows)
nI/O error handling: optional filler for bad sectors, load/save parameters
nRAID: RAID-6 support (only XOR recovery), custom striping, load/save parameters
nUndo/redo support (Disk Editor, Partition Manager)
nATA software reset (DOS ATA)
nUnicode support for Windows console interface, Linux terminal interface, Disk Editor
nNTFS reconstruction: MFT fragment manager
nNTFS: additional features to recover lost or damaged files
nNTFS Search: search shifted MFT records
iNTFS Search: handling many MFT fragments optimization
iFAT Search: search volumes w/o subdirectories, detect small FAT tables
...Other improvements

DMDE (2013-08-29)

bNTFS Search: erroneous omission of some close small MFT fragments
bHandling found MFT fragment larger than 2GB
bCache error: data confusion on drives >2TiB in some special cases
bSearch by name: last symbol omission for name without extension
...Other bug fixes

DMDE (2012-09-06)

bRAID redundant data parity use when disk is absent
bread backward issues
bNTFS Search: 64-bit cluster value support

DMDE 2.4.2 (2012-04-05)

bdisk size detection
bNTFS sparse file support
bGPT copy test
bChinese Big5 code issue

DMDE 2.4.0 (2011-12-18)

nLarge sector support
nRecovery: reports (Professional Edition only)
nPartition search: exFAT boot sector, Ext2/3/4 superblock detection
nRAID delayed parity support, RAID-4 support
nNTFS alternate data stream support
iPartition search: USB flash drives, Vista/Win7 partitioning
iHandling directory recovery with the same names
iFAT: use FAT Search results for reconstruction
bNTFS search critical bug on MFT gaps
bSpecial sector search critical bug
bDevice I/O error handling bug
bPCI scan for ATA devices on non-default ports (DOS)
bDMA transfer (DOS)

DMDE 2.2.2 (2010-12-10)

nCustomizable device I/O error handler (Professional Edition only)
nDMA I/O under DOS (Professional Edition only)
nRecovery: NTFS multirecord files w/o attribute list
nCompressed files when cluster size is less than 4KB
iPartition manager
iFAT search speed up
iNTFS search speed up
bVolume locking (Windows)

Version 2.0.1 (2009-09-20)

nSupport for devices larger than 1TB
nDevice I/O: retries dialog
nSupport for RAID (partial)
nSupport for GPT (read only)
nSupport for Unicode names
nSupport for large NTFS compressed files
nInterface localizations, code tables support
nFile marks and group recovery
nLinux terminal port
iDevice access

Version 01.39 (2008-05-01)

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