DMDE - DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery Software


Please try Free Edition and make sure you are able to recover and open necessary files. FAQ

License Types (Compare) Buy Link USD /EUR
DMDE Express (1-Year) 1-OS $20.00 / €16.00
DMDE Standard 1-OS $48.00 / €38.00
DMDE Standard Multi-OS $67.20 / €53.20
DMDE Professional 1-OS $95.00 / €75.00
DMDE Professional Multi-OS $133.00 / €105.00

1-OS supports one OS platform to choose from Windows, Linux, DOS, macOS. Multi-OS includes support for all platforms. To run multiple instances simultaneously you need multiple license copies (discounts are applied). Compare Editions

Buy1: Paypro Online Order Service (credit/debit cards, PayPal, WW banks, other)
Buy2: MyCommerce Online Order Service (credit cards, PayPal, EU banks, other), curr. not available

You may consider purchasing HDDSuperClone to use it with DMDE for more advanced recovery from failing drives and getting a great discount for DMDE (more information). If you already own DMDE Professional please contact regarding getting a discount for HDDSuperClone.

Product Delivery

After purchasing your license key will be sent by email (request again). You should enter the key upon the software request. For all Professional features, you should get the software copy in your personal section.

Refund Policy

Before purchasing please try Free Edition to make sure the necessary files can be recovered and they are working after recovery. If the license is already activated, the refund request must be motivated and must contain information whether the Free Edition was tried first.

Depending on the selected ordering service, the corresponding refund policy also applies:
PayPro Refund Policy (Buy1) / MyCommerce Terms and Conditions (Buy2).

Additional by Country Local Distribution

pl Polish Distribution / Zamówienie (Dystrybucja w Polsce)
Polish distributor is not responsible and does not support otherwise purchased products.

ru Russian Distribution, Купить (Покупка в России, спец. условия)

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