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  15.03.2023 19:11:17 +0000
Beyond Biscuit    
DMDE saved my 10000+ photo backup from a dumb mistake on my part. I ended up buying the standard version just in case I make any more future dumb mistakes. I appreciate the ease of use and the price! Thanks!

  10.03.2023 06:28:36 +0000
David G    
Absolutely amazing! I recently installed windows 11 after a new motherboard installation, and noticed two of my drives were reassigned to terrible drive letters. In my haste to get things back to normal, I decided to change the letters in Windows' disk management and think nothing more of it, despite the fact one was 8TBs of media, and the other was its backup... Needless to say, a few hours later of seemingly normal operation and all of sudden Windows no longer recognized either drive, with them showing as being unallocated space and their partitions missing. DMDE immediately reassured me that despite the partition errors, the files were all still present, and it only took 5-10m of reading through documentation to then click a couple buttons and fix the drives. Unfortunately, however, their drive letters were reset back to the originals...

  28.01.2023 23:28:02 +0000
Joe H    
5 stars! This software is nothing short of phenomenal. My wifes laptop went into an automatic repair loop and would not boot up no matter what we tried. We called 2 repair techs. The first would have cost a couple of hundred dollars so we passed on him. The second tech, took the computer, had it a couple of days, but was unable to recover anything.
Needless to say, my wife was bummed out losing all her pictures and documents. We happen to have another laptop that I will be replacing the screen on and I thought why not take this one apart and see if the screen might work. In doing so I looked at the failed hard drive and thought, let me give it a shot. I tried a couple of the other recovery program trials and nothing. Then I came across DMDE and figured try it as well. Let me tell you, It
was the best feeling when the files started to show up on the screen. I immediately bought a license and it is the best money I ever spent. I highly recommend it.

  25.01.2023 10:07:15 +0000
I am super happy with that smart tool! Really recommend it. I am a MAC user and I am not a programmer. My RAID1 back-up disk(s) stopped working - neither in RAID or individual. Could not mount it - tried Disk doctor no avail. FSCK command did not work. Looked and downloaded various Disc repair and recovery tools incl. heavily promoted stuff like Disk Drill and similar - all looked very complicated and the price was a bit too high for my taste. Looked around for two days before coming across this sweet tool. Downloaded the basic version first - DMDE could immediately access the disk and within seconds I had a few files recovered!!! Bought the license and as I write this I am happily recovering about 600GB of various data including 20 years of pictures and videos. THX!!!

  11.01.2023 20:17:46 +0000
In case there are bot comments: This is from a real person in europe

Thank you so much for making a programm that actually does what it says it would do!

  02.01.2023 09:51:08 +0000
matthew whittle    
Excellent software and great value. Highly recommended to recover 64GB
of data from a USB drive which had corrupted it's file system.

  16.05.2022 19:15:24 +0000
Das Programm stürzt nach 100% ab. Somit völlig Nutzlos.
support: You've minimized the application window most probably. To resolve issues there is a feedback form

  28.06.2021 10:57:26 +0000
Great software!

It helped me to recover my files from an external HD.

  23.06.2021 00:28:29 +0000
Eric Vrenios
This software is seriously awesome. I was debating between paying for EaseUS vs. MiniTool recovery and hard drive utility packages, but saw this option on a reddit thread where the common agreement seemed to be "NEITHER, they're both overpriced rip-offs that have limited capabilities compared to DBME." I'm more than satisfied. I've recovered everything I needed from 7 out of 7 messed up hard drives that had various issues from corrupt partition tables, hardware/sector damage, RAW recovery, NTFS repair/rebuilding, and just plain recovering deleted files. I'm more than happy with paying the $20 for such a powerful tool.

My only critique would be the cryptic and slightly disorganized UI, that doesn't DPI-scale properly to 4k screens and takes some time to understand/learn. I am a software developer, and I would love to rewrite the front-end/UI in WPF/UWP/Maui as a modern, easier to use, pretty looking interface.
support: There are some improvements in the newer versions when using with high-DPI monitors. However more information is necessary to figure out what is wrong in a specific case. In order to resolve issues there is a feedback form. The mentioned new UI-frameworks are generally for mobile devices. For example UWP is already deprecated by Microsoft. It shows there is no much sense to rewrite for new frameworks.

  12.10.2020 03:10:04 +0000
When to support encrypted partition recovery for HFS and APFs?

What's more, BitLocker encrypted partition recovery and partition corruption or redo system recovery?
support: Thank you for suggesting new features. The most requested features are taken into account when developing new versions, however implementing of advanced features can take a long time.

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