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  16.05.2022 19:15:24 +0000
Das Programm stürzt nach 100% ab. Somit völlig Nutzlos.
support: You've minimized the application window most probably. To resolve issues there is a feedback form

  28.06.2021 10:57:26 +0000
Great software!

It helped me to recover my files from an external HD.

  23.06.2021 00:28:29 +0000
Eric Vrenios
This software is seriously awesome. I was debating between paying for EaseUS vs. MiniTool recovery and hard drive utility packages, but saw this option on a reddit thread where the common agreement seemed to be "NEITHER, they're both overpriced rip-offs that have limited capabilities compared to DBME." I'm more than satisfied. I've recovered everything I needed from 7 out of 7 messed up hard drives that had various issues from corrupt partition tables, hardware/sector damage, RAW recovery, NTFS repair/rebuilding, and just plain recovering deleted files. I'm more than happy with paying the $20 for such a powerful tool.

My only critique would be the cryptic and slightly disorganized UI, that doesn't DPI-scale properly to 4k screens and takes some time to understand/learn. I am a software developer, and I would love to rewrite the front-end/UI in WPF/UWP/Maui as a modern, easier to use, pretty looking interface.
support: There are some improvements in the newer versions when using with high-DPI monitors. However more information is necessary to figure out what is wrong in a specific case. In order to resolve issues there is a feedback form. The mentioned new UI-frameworks are generally for mobile devices. For example UWP is already deprecated by Microsoft. It shows there is no much sense to rewrite for new frameworks.

  12.10.2020 03:10:04 +0000
When to support encrypted partition recovery for HFS and APFs?

What's more, BitLocker encrypted partition recovery and partition corruption or redo system recovery?
support: Thank you for suggesting new features. The most requested features are taken into account when developing new versions, however implementing of advanced features can take a long time.

  12.10.2020 03:06:53 +0000
When to support encrypted partition recovery for HFS and APFS?

What's more, BitLocker encrypted partition recovery and partition corruption or redo system recovery?

  15.07.2020 22:41:33 +0000
This software is without limitations, complex and fulfills what it proposes to do. In addition to having a hexadecimal analysis tool very useful for recovering files.


  20.06.2020 04:18:37 +0000
I like this software very much. I also like to promote this software. Can I add Chinese language to make it easy to use in Asia? Thank you
support: You are welcome. For discussing details there is a feedback form as well

  14.05.2020 13:46:12 +0000
Impressive piece of software. The only one I could find that doesn't crash when I plug my faulty drive in. Even when the drive disconnects itself mid-operation, the program automatically resumes when it's reconnected, so I've been able to back up all my data with very little inconvenience considering how much damaged the drive is. I probably could have done it using the free version (it limits your batches to something like 4000 files), but at such a low price, I'm happy to own a piece of software that works this well.

  26.12.2019 02:27:55 +0000
This software is a god send!

Helped me recover overlapped partitions

  12.09.2019 13:43:12 +0000
is it possible to add (optional) the MD5 SHA1 hash function generation for the binary copy?

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