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  03.08.2012 15:19:37 +0000
Best recovery software I ever lay my fingers on.
Especially i admire the way it handles mft records. Automatically resolve file record, atrib list, VCNs and give you directly access to files data, simple and perfect way ;)

The best disk editor, i will sourly by home version for linux and windows!

regards. bartus

  25.02.2012 13:43:52 +0000
Gerry Massie    
Whoa... was looking for an app like the 'old' DOS version of Peter Norton's Disk Doctor, and found this WONDERFUL package. Great and powerful tool.

I am trying to debug a laptop load's boot record that functions one way with the bios set to ATA for an Intel ICH8 and another if the bios is set to AHCI.

Fun stuff. :-)

Thanks for making it available to the geeks out here.

Gerry Massie
Norfolk, VA USA

  29.09.2011 12:36:30 +0000
DMDE is a powerful disk editor utility that I will recommend.
It helps me to recover files that has wrong starting cluster number. Very powerful indeed. I write to their designer with my idea and
I hope a more powerful command line utility will be developed soon.

  12.02.2011 08:31:59 +0000
Andy Mitchell    
I tried everything, lots of data recovery programs, some big names, took a couple of hours to find the files and when it restored not everything was readable, this PROGRAM ROCKS, found the files within 1 minute!!! and perfectly recovered the files, life saver. I had a drive that had lost its fat tables the PC could see the drive and recognise the size of the drive and assigned a letter but you could not change to it, just hung, hd light would just blink, this software found the files within a minute and then reovered 500mb in about 8 hours, believe me this is fantastic. The other drive I accidentily deleted the files and again it found all the files within a minute and presented in a tree structure for me to tick what I wanted, couldn't have been simpler ;-) WELL RECOMMENDED

  12.01.2011 23:28:12 +0000
During the upgrade to Windows XP disk hdd with partitions linux-With these modifications was

not known from which arose the problem (NTFS partition has been disguised - no NTFS file

system - unknown disk). When you turn on Debian Linux partition on which Windows XP was a

clean (blank disc), and there arose the problem of the loss of precious pictures, personal

files and records.
I have tried many programs to recover the data, but none met my expectations, after

downloading the free version 2.2.2 DMDE saw that I could recover all my data drive on which

Windows XP was, I was surprised (CUDA or CO, all data - even more).
I decided to purchase DMDE Windows + Linux 2.2.2 Full version - as for me, Best Software for

Data Recovery: Files & Folders, and even the details of the date of the documents and

recover the entire directory structure. POLECAM 100% - A PROGRAM FOR RECOVERY OF THE YEAR


Yours Dmitri Sidorov
Ferenc KM Sąsiadka (POLAND)

  12.12.2010 15:13:27 +0000
Hallo DMDE

Ich finde das Programm sehr Gut.
Wen ihr das Programm auf Deutsch übersetzen könnt,
würde ich es sofort kaufen.


  11.08.2010 18:45:47 +0000
Hi thanks for master software. I am looking for next update ,pls. let us know roadmap of dmde
Thanks and warm regards
support: Sorry for not quick answer. There are many plans (more file systems, file types recognition, more sophisticated search and recovery, more functional disk cloning). However, there are no exact dates. Time will tell.

  13.07.2010 23:03:33 +0000
Tomek K.    
Hi, I did buy this tool for my own use as my hard drive crashed .... unfortunately that was the only place where temporarily I had all my private content which included a lot of documents/work from studies, family pictures and videos ... after trying other tools I must say that's THE BEST TOOL in the world for recovery. Other tools where struggling with performance, accuracy and number of files recovered, while this one just done the great job ....

So wanted to say thank you to author!!!

Best regards from Poland.
Tomek K.

  30.05.2010 10:20:17 +0000
Robert B.
This is a high quality software. I would recommend it to any person / company that has to deal with software data recovery. Some nice features in new version. I hope it's developement will be maintained.
As mentioned by "Krzysztof" badsector list that can be further preloded would be a very nice feature. I would also like to thank Dimitri for answering tech and license question via email.

Best Regards,
Robert B.
from Poland

  18.05.2010 08:02:33 +0000
DMDE is the most powerful & feature rich software I have tested so far. As a Data Recovery professional I find DMDE very useful. I am looking forward to have next version released from dmitry.

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