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  17.08.2019 04:21:48 +0000
New problems, HDFS and GFS data recovery

  23.06.2019 20:53:55 +0000
Hello, may I ask, does your software support array data recovery for XFS and ZFS?

  14.04.2019 11:45:43 +0000
The program is f**n awesome !!!!!!!! It saved my ass, my life. Thanks guys for an amazing tool. I will definately recommend that to anyone who needs help in recovering data.

  16.11.2018 00:08:54 +0000
Saves your ass. Simply great.

  20.08.2018 22:09:30 +0000
An amazing program that I can use freely and trustfully! Easy to use, and almost completely free! Barely any size limit, which is what I was trying to find in recovery software for days. Best for recovering any kind of file! There is nothing unsafe in this program, so no need tow worry about that. Thank you so much for this software, and keep it up!

  21.07.2018 10:44:05 +0000
Does the kernel support Chinese display? Some Chinese folders are garbled, but the same problem can be recovered with other tools.

  21.07.2018 03:24:30 +0000
Excellent piece of software! Helped me recover important files from a external drive that suddenly stopped working. The free version was enough but I would highly consider buying a full license!! Thank you so much!

  06.07.2018 03:02:16 +0000
Thanks DMDE. After a full WEEK of trying "free" programs to recover files from a secondary drive Win10 decided to "initialize" (was previously my OS drive for Win7) Your program finally let me get the files I needed off it. The whole not needing to deep scan the entire thing was also really great. Helped get into the files faster. Though was a little painstaking having to do it folder by folder, if I have another drive I need to salvage though, you're gonna be my first and possibly last goto. :)

  17.04.2018 22:09:04 +0000
A week ago I had a dead 4TB drive (Partition and MFT errors) and no tools to access it, fast forward a week, with Rawcopy for the clone and DMDE for the file-restoration I soon have the files back. Great tool.

Would like to see an option for DMDE to be able to restore partition+MFT though, that way I should be able to access the partition through Windows.

  15.04.2018 16:33:21 +0000
Helped me to recover 1500gb file from deleted disk. All files are undamaged, working fine and files are looking like before the incident. Great software, thank you.

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