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  06.08.2014 06:24:29 +0000
Farhad Ibragimov    
Excellent. The program back all 4TB data deleted by windows incident. Don't try over program , you lost your gold time

  15.07.2014 16:25:05 +0000
Thanks 4 program DMDE

  17.05.2014 09:14:41 +0000
Recovered everything I wanted.
This program found so much more than any other program I tried, after my MFT and mirror corrupted.
It did so quickly as well, had a good UI, and the price is unbeatable.
Fantastic piece of software.
I will recommend this program to anyone in need of data recovery.

  15.03.2014 10:16:25 +0000
Jaco Heinen    
What a beautiful program.
Other highly recommend programs must scan the entire disk and takes several hours.
This program just show in seconds all the data.
Just select and restore.
And € 16,- is a very good price.

  08.01.2014 08:53:32 +0000
Kenneth Johansen    
Got directed to this site from a good friend. Awesome program that helped me get back every single file i had lost! Thanks!

  29.07.2013 13:38:44 +0000
AMAZING product...saved my life.
This product recovered all my files.
Remember to purchase the full and paid version, you will be able to recover entire folders...

  01.03.2013 16:30:36 +0000
Strumento di Recupero Dati decisamente professionale.

  25.01.2013 15:50:29 +0000
Daz Taylor    
I love this product. Its small but powerful and fast. Recovering my data from my external hard drive was so simple using DMDE. Other products require full scans which take anything from 3-6 hours, this product finds the directory structure straight away and I can start file recovery almost instantly.

My philosophy in life....'Keep it simple'. Exactly what DMDE does for me....Nice one.

  04.12.2012 06:39:29 +0000
Thomas BOKO    
thanks very much!

  17.11.2012 13:21:40 +0000
Serdecznie dziękujemy! Program jest rewelacyjny. W ciągu kilku dni ogarniałem temat odzysku i próbowałem różnych programów. Przypadkiem trafiłem na recenzję DMDE, ściągnąłem wersję free i już wiedziałem, że to to! Właśnie odzyskuję wszystkie zdjęcia, filmy nawet okazało się, że ważne dokumenty oraz kilka prac. POLECĘ WSZYSTKIM W POTRZEBIE!
Gdybym odzyskał dane innym program to odtworzenie struktury katalogów i podkatalogów byłoby bardzo pracochłonne. Myślę, że zajęłoby to kilka tygodni przebierania zdjęć i prac.

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