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  22.03.2010 20:59:34 +0000
This is realy best sw yesterday i killed my 1TB hdd i try nearly 30 soft and 5 licensed soft all get data back but txt avi rar all is corrupt and continue search google later i see dmde and bought license its take back all my data without and corrupt thanks who have create this sw or helped him


  22.03.2010 06:08:35 +0000
This is the " BEST" software , like a professional clean room tool.
I thank and wish Dmitry all the best

  04.02.2010 18:07:24 +0000
Kamil from Poland    
Great software! I came, I saw, I bought :)

  15.09.2009 02:41:28 +0000
I was in China, I would like to know DM Disk Editor and data recovery software for detailed features, as well as selling price of technical support.
support: You may find this information on the site pages Manual & Purchase. Technical support is included into the selling price of the software.

  04.05.2009 12:26:35 +0000
is there any chance for ext2/ext3/jfs DMDE version ?
support: Hope that some day they will be supported. But not this year. Sorry...

  23.04.2009 19:08:22 +0000
Rewelacyjny program za rozsądną cenę nowa wersje wprost rewelacyjna powinna mieć możliwość kopiowania wstecznego od LBA ostatniego lub wybranego w stronę LBA 0 . Dodatkowo możliwość pomijania BAD sektorów które by były ładowane do listy a następnie po skopiowaniu wszystkich prawidłowych odczytywane z ustalona ilością razy . Jeśli by była możliwośc Soft resetu przy tym to po prostu rewelacyjne narzędzie.
support: Please, try translating your posts into English. Thank you for your suggestions. Backward copy feature and copy with jumps over bad sectors feature are in plans. I'm not sure it is possible to make soft reset under Windows because of restrictions of drivers, however this question will be investigated.

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