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  28.01.2023 23:28:02 +0000
Joe H    
5 stars! This software is nothing short of phenomenal. My wifes laptop went into an automatic repair loop and would not boot up no matter what we tried. We called 2 repair techs. The first would have cost a couple of hundred dollars so we passed on him. The second tech, took the computer, had it a couple of days, but was unable to recover anything.
Needless to say, my wife was bummed out losing all her pictures and documents. We happen to have another laptop that I will be replacing the screen on and I thought why not take this one apart and see if the screen might work. In doing so I looked at the failed hard drive and thought, let me give it a shot. I tried a couple of the other recovery program trials and nothing. Then I came across DMDE and figured try it as well. Let me tell you, It
was the best feeling when the files started to show up on the screen. I immediately bought a license and it is the best money I ever spent. I highly recommend it.

  25.01.2023 10:07:15 +0000
I am super happy with that smart tool! Really recommend it. I am a MAC user and I am not a programmer. My RAID1 back-up disk(s) stopped working - neither in RAID or individual. Could not mount it - tried Disk doctor no avail. FSCK command did not work. Looked and downloaded various Disc repair and recovery tools incl. heavily promoted stuff like Disk Drill and similar - all looked very complicated and the price was a bit too high for my taste. Looked around for two days before coming across this sweet tool. Downloaded the basic version first - DMDE could immediately access the disk and within seconds I had a few files recovered!!! Bought the license and as I write this I am happily recovering about 600GB of various data including 20 years of pictures and videos. THX!!!

  11.01.2023 20:17:46 +0000
In case there are bot comments: This is from a real person in europe

Thank you so much for making a programm that actually does what it says it would do!

  02.01.2023 09:51:08 +0000
matthew whittle    
Excellent software and great value. Highly recommended to recover 64GB
of data from a USB drive which had corrupted it's file system.

  16.05.2022 19:15:24 +0000
Das Programm stürzt nach 100% ab. Somit völlig Nutzlos.
support: You've minimized the application window most probably. To resolve issues there is a feedback form

  28.06.2021 10:57:26 +0000
Great software!

It helped me to recover my files from an external HD.

  23.06.2021 00:28:29 +0000
Eric Vrenios
This software is seriously awesome. I was debating between paying for EaseUS vs. MiniTool recovery and hard drive utility packages, but saw this option on a reddit thread where the common agreement seemed to be "NEITHER, they're both overpriced rip-offs that have limited capabilities compared to DBME." I'm more than satisfied. I've recovered everything I needed from 7 out of 7 messed up hard drives that had various issues from corrupt partition tables, hardware/sector damage, RAW recovery, NTFS repair/rebuilding, and just plain recovering deleted files. I'm more than happy with paying the $20 for such a powerful tool.

My only critique would be the cryptic and slightly disorganized UI, that doesn't DPI-scale properly to 4k screens and takes some time to understand/learn. I am a software developer, and I would love to rewrite the front-end/UI in WPF/UWP/Maui as a modern, easier to use, pretty looking interface.
support: There are some improvements in the newer versions when using with high-DPI monitors. However more information is necessary to figure out what is wrong in a specific case. In order to resolve issues there is a feedback form. The mentioned new UI-frameworks are generally for mobile devices. For example UWP is already deprecated by Microsoft. It shows there is no much sense to rewrite for new frameworks.

  12.10.2020 03:10:04 +0000
When to support encrypted partition recovery for HFS and APFs?

What's more, BitLocker encrypted partition recovery and partition corruption or redo system recovery?
support: Thank you for suggesting new features. The most requested features are taken into account when developing new versions, however implementing of advanced features can take a long time.

  12.10.2020 03:06:53 +0000
When to support encrypted partition recovery for HFS and APFS?

What's more, BitLocker encrypted partition recovery and partition corruption or redo system recovery?

  15.07.2020 22:41:33 +0000
This software is without limitations, complex and fulfills what it proposes to do. In addition to having a hexadecimal analysis tool very useful for recovering files.


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